STEM (Math, Technology, Engineering and Science)

Science and STEM programming is focused on implementing curricula which is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards of Science (NJSLA-S).  Curricula in K-12 covers standards of Earth, Space, Life and Physical Sciences.  Teachers actively engage students in scientific and engineering practices and apply crosscutting concepts to deepen their understanding of the core ideas in these fields. There are many MHS science electives that are geared towards extending students to other science fields, such as but not limited to Forensics, Marine Biology and Astronomy. Curriculum is being revised and updated to align with the NJSLA-S standards of practice. Districtwide 3-dimensional printing is utilized in conjunction with design projects that connect interdisciplinary subjects, including STEM and the Arts.  Professional development is focused on creating learning experiences for students that engage them with developing fundamental questions about the world, carrying out scientific investigations and developing engineering design projects related to the disciplinary core ideas.

Math programming in Montclair is focused on implementing the curricula which is aligned with the NJ Student Learning Standards of Math.  Teachers are developing numeracy skills and fluency in operating with numbers with elementary grades, building up to Algebra for all students by the end of middle school.  Students have multiple options for pathways in math from grades 6-12, including electives and Advanced Placement Courses in Calculus, Probability and Statistics and Computer Science.  Math teachers are focused on using formative and summative assessment data to better inform instruction, target student needs and improve placement into courses.  Teachers receive professional development on blended learning and student engagement strategies to reach all learners.

The Montclair Public Schools held a series of District Math Nights to review the K-12 curriculum, instruction and placement practices with families. Below are the presentations:
K-5 Math Night
Middle School Math Night
High School Math Night

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Jennifer Goforth, Director of STEM office (973) 509-4020 x50504 or via email.

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